Wood County, West Virginia – Divorce, Family Law, and Custody Attorney

Getting a Divorce in Parkersburg, WV?

If you are in Parkersburg and need an attorney in Wood County to handle divorce proceedings, contact Attorney Justin Hardman at the Hardman Law Office. Hardman Law Office has been doing divorce cases since 1999, so consult with us whether you need to file for divorce or have received divorce papers. We have the experience to protect your rights.

Need a Family Lawyer in North Hills, WV?

Family Law in West Virginia covers such things as wills and powers of attorney. If you are in the North Hills area and are ready to set forth your wishes, give Attorney Hardman a call. Consult with him for your estate in Wood County or to assign a loved one to have the legal right to speak for you in the event of an extended illness. Protect your assets and rights by consulting with Hardman Law Office today, before a tragedy strikes.

Need a Lawyer to Handle Child Custody in Vienna, WV?

Child custody matters in Vienna require the assistance of an attorney who is skilled in Family Law matters. “The Big Guy,” Attorney Justin Hardman, has the experience to give sound advice on what is reasonable and what you can expect. Trust Attorney Hardman at the Hardman Law Office. His office in Parkersburg is open weekdays, with evening and weekend hours by appointment, to assist you.

Hardman Law Office handles child custody cases in Vienna, West Virginia.