Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney in West Virginia

A “Will”ful Legacy for Your Assets

Let Hardman Law Office provide you with a “will”ful legacy for your assets. When you die, your Last Will and Testament sets forth your final wishes about how you would like assets distributed, or who will be responsible for caring for your minor children and beloved pets. Knowing you are leaving others behind may require the formation of a trust or other type of financial and custodial support to care and provide for them.

Hardman Law Office can help you protect your rights and assets in matters involving wills, trusts & powers of attorney in West Virginia

Consult with “The Big Guy,” Attorney Justin Hardman, to review all your end-of-life issues. It is proactive on your part to have plans in place for when the end of your life takes place.

Powers of Attorney Cover Many Circumstances

Once you have taken care of the ‘expected’ end-of-life concerns, do not forget to consider the unexpected. Powers of Attorney cover many circumstances. Nobody expects to be sick or possibly require a lengthy medical situation. How do you prepare to handle the medical and legal issues that can arise?

Powers of Attorney are available in full or limited versions, perfect for designating when someone is authorized to act on your behalf legally, or make proper medical choices that you have arranged before the event takes place. Perhaps you have already have the discussion with a loved one about whether you would like to be kept on life support, donate organs, or the effect an extended illness would have on your family financially?

Protect Your Rights and Your Assets

There may be others who feel they have a legal obligation to asset themselves when you or your family are most vulnerable. You have the right to name someone who can act in your official capacity when you are incapacitated. Powers of Attorney covering legal and medical designations may be just what you need to have in place to protect your rights and your assets. Consult with us today!