Title Searches and Title Abstracts by Hardman Law Office

Real Estate Title Process in West Virginia

One of the biggest terms and claims made in real estate is that a particular property has clear title. This is an area where the Hardman Law Office excels in facilitating the real estate process in the Parkersburg area of West Virginia. Knowing the West Virginia real estate laws and those for local jurisdictions is what sets the bar for our title services.

Official Transfers of Title

Ownership of real property is searched through the use of grantor/grantee indices that are kept by the Clerk of the county Commission. These are located in each county in West Virginia. Lawyers, Abstractors, Land Men, and Title Searchers have all conducted title examinations, and in West Virginia, anyone other than a lawyer must conduct title searches under the supervision of an attorney. Further, real estate is commonly used for investment purposes. Under West Virginia laws, the most common entities employed to own investment real estate in a tax efficient manner are: West Virginia Corporations, West Virginia Limited Liability Companies, West Virginia Limited Partnerships, and West Virginia Limited Liability Partnerships. Hardman Law Office will work with you on your residential and commercial real estate matters.

The Importance of Deeds and Clear Title

With deeds being the instrument used to convey ownership of real estate, having clear title to a property is of high importance when there is a transfer. It is important for a buyer to know that the property they are purchasing (the land being transferred) is free of any encumbrances, liens, or other possible things that can affect their rights or use of the property. Any instrument indicating the intent of the grantor to convey real property can be effective as a deed instrument in West Virginia. Clear title is also important in financial and insurance matters where you need to assert ownership for purposes of liability.

Hardman Law Office can assist with official transfers of title & title abstracts in West Virginia