Business Formation, Contracts, & Commercial Litigation Matters
in West Virginia

Starting a Business in West Virginia

Hardman Law Office can help when you are forming a new business, or need assistance with a commercial litigation matter. We have the experience you need in protecting your rights, addressing shareholder or partnership disputes, financial or fiduciary breaches, conflicts of interest or agreements limiting competition, fraudulent trade practices, and more.

Bankruptcy, Distress,
and Dissolving a Business

Certain businesses do well economically, with the right mixture of manpower and creativity. Others, even companies that have been around for generations, can reach a point where they are no longer financially viable and must either declare bankruptcy or otherwise dissolve their assets. Hardman Law Office is here to help businesses in distress due to financial and economic troubles, or who may need to sell or dissolve assets. Consult with us to determine the best course of action for your commercial venture today.

Getting Started is Just the Beginning

We might agree that getting started is just the beginning. Businesses that have been around a while can use on-going support from an attorney who can help with employment disputes, work contracts, and debt collections. Attorney Hardman and his staff at the Hardman Law Office have the experience to help your business grow and change with the times. If there has been interference with an existing contract or business relationship, consult with us to find out how to protect your rights.

Hardman Law Office can assist you with all facets of business formation, contracts, & more in West Virginia